Eddie Huddleston Logbook


Eddie Huddleston Logbook


Logbook created by B24 tailgunner Eddie Huddleston, who served in the 376th Heavy Bombardment Group during World War II. Huddleston was based in Benghazi, Libya, and participated Operation Tidal Wave, the low-altitude bombardment of oil fields in Ploetsi, Romania. Logbook details the missions' dates, targets, duration, and other details. Huddleston was assigned to Charles Hobbs' crew when the two graduated from training, and Hobbs and Huddleston served together for many of their 50 required missions.

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Mission #52, 02
"My last mission, we had it fairly easy for a German target. Got credit for two missions on this one."
"Am finished combat flying."

Mission #52, 01
Receives credit for two missions.

"We crossed the Alps leading four other groups to make a coordinated attack on a M.E. 109 factory."

Mission #50
"Our beachhead below Rome is still in bad shape"

Mission #49
"Our beachhead south of Rome is getting the hell kicked out of it."

Mission #48
"Surprise raid. No ack-ack and no fighters. No escourt either."

Mission #47
"Hit marshalling yards and arsenal from 21,000 . . . Had a helluva big dog fight. Rough."

Mission #46
"Hit the German troops that are counter-attacking the 5th Army beach head."

Mission #45
"Flew all over central Italy looking for a hole, very bad weather."

Mission #44
"Right at the foot of the Alps. Colder hell. 38 escourt. No ack, no fighters. Good mission."

Mission #43
"Co-pilot was hit in the leg"
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