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Kathleen Cain and Charles Hobbs Wedding, March 24, 1945

Kathleen Cain and Charles Hobbs were married in Fort Dix, New Jersey on March 24, 1945.

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Charles Hobbs, Service Record

This record from the U.S. War Department describes Charles Hobbs service in the Army Air Corps through 1944. It includes his postings, his total missions, and the type of planes he was qualified to fly.

Hennessey photographs

Charles Hobbs's family gathered in Hennessey, Oklahoma, to celebrate his return from six months of hospitalization in England. The local paper, the Hennessey Clipper, photographed the event.
Left to right:
Clinton Hobbs, Karcher Hobbs, Bobby Wilson Granbury, Charles Wilson, Lyman Hobbs Sr., Claudene Hobbs, Margaret Flo Hobbs, Theron Hobbs, Hazel Hobbs, Charles Hobbs, E.S. Hobbs, Barbara Hobbs, Lyman Hobbs Jr., Lenora Hobbs, Lyman Hobbs III, Dee Dawson, Grace Hobbs Dawson, Albert Garten, Jocelyn Dauner, Lydia Hobbs Garten

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Stationary and V-Mail

Hobbs' correspondence contains letterhead specific to his training field and posting. Letters from abroad frequently photographed and reduced into a postcard-sized correspondence called V-mail, a wartime convention that saved space and fuel, since it reduced letters' weight.


Eddie Huddleston, B24 Tailgunner

Eddie Huddleston was a B24 tailgunner with the 476th Heavy Bombardment group, stationed in North Africa. He recorded individual missions in a small red notebook, includes the duration, target, and other details about each mission. In addition, Huddleston created a scrapbook of photographs and memorabilia about his wartime experience in North Africa.

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