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Typewritten text describes flight from Trinidad over Devil's Island to Beleam, Brazil. "In the states our Navigator, a curly headed Armenian from the Bronx, couldn't navigate a boat in a bath tub. But over this water he has hit every place right on…

Typewritten description of layover in Natal, Brazil, and its German-built airfield. One photograph of crew members; one photograph of town and cattle.

Typewritten text: Description of Ascension Island and air strip.

Typewritten text describing arrival in Accra, British West Africa. One photograph of crew member. Currency.

Newspaper: "The African Morning Post," from Accra, British West Africa.

Three photographs of Eddie Huddleston with typewritten text: at Harlingen Aerial Gunnery School "I was a `Buck Sgt' at the end with a pair of Silver Wings on my form 'fitting' O.D.s"

Typewritten text describes flight to Kano, Nigeria. "We could get Hobbs to fly an inch lower to see the country after about three hours with the field glasses and a headache I gave up." Currency issued by British Military Authority.

Typewritten text describing airbase at Khartoum, Sudan. Currency. Photograph of crew member with Wild Wolf.

Typewritten text describing Nile River and airfield at Cairo, Egypt. Three photographs: Crew member, sailing ship on Nile, Pyramid.

Typewritten description of Ismailia, Egypt, and Suez Canal. Mentions Waist Gunner Al Perry. Four photographs of Egypt including canal, crashed plane, and a photograph of a woman signed "with love, Judy."
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