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Typewritten text describing leave in Cairo and Alexandra. Crew moved from Enfidaville to San Pancrazo, Italy. Currency

Newspaper: Le Courrier D'Afrique Illustre.

Typewritten description of German paratrooper attack on British Dodecanese Group and crew returning to Benghazi. Photograph of road sign indicating Benghazi. French currency. Insignia patch for 15th Air Force.

Newspaper clipping containing Huddleston interview in Alexandria, Egypt. "This DFC medal I got for destroying an ack-ack position at Ploesti, Rumania. At that time my plane got back from Rumania with about 25 holes in it but not a crew member was…

Typewritten description of missions 40 and 41 in northern Italy. Description of new plane with electrical nose turret. Currency.

Typewritten text describing Perry taking Huddleston from the hospital for Ploesti mission. Description of receiving extra credit for flying without fighter escort. Two photographs of unidentified women. Currency.

Theater program for "Men of Boys Town." Three photographs of crew members on leave.

Eight photographs of crew members on leave.

Nine photographs of crew members on leave. Includes photograph of Charles Hobbs, Al Tegnasian, and three unidentified women.

Newspaper clipping: "Air Combat Crews Chances Doubled." "In late 1943 air forces said the crewmen had only a 36 per cent chance of completing all their assigned missions. But by last month this figure had jumped to 66 per cent chance." Two postcards…
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