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Brown cover with United States insignia

Typewritten introductory text: "this is the McCoy to prove that I was brought by the stork and not hatched under a hot rock in the Ozarks during the dark of the moon as some of my friends would believe."

Five photographs of Eddie Huddleston with text describing entry into Harlingen (Texas) Aerial Gunnery School

Typewritten text describing their assignment to an airplane: "Hobbs our pilot couldn't have shook us with a tommy-gun the day we were to get our plane. We followed him like a bunch of trained puppies (which we were) down to operations to sign theā€¦

Text of poem. Two photographs of airplanes in flight. One photograph of Huddleston in gun turret; one photograph of Huddleston with unidentified woman.

Six photographs of crew members

Typewritten text: "We named the ship 'Wild Wolf.'" Describes departure for Puerto Rico. Photographs of Wild Wolf nose art, three crew members, and a newspaper clipping describing Huddleston's training.

Typewritten text describing layover in Puerto Rico: "It was just like going to see a technicolor movie about the South Sea Islands." Two photographs of crew members.

Five patches with squadron and other insignia. Two photographs of airplane nose art: the Wild Wolf and Vitamin P.

Map of North Africa and Europe with Huddleston's bombing targets marked.
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