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Newspaper clipping date 1944/09/21 describing Huddleston's service medals and service as a gunnery instructor in Charleston South Carolina. Photograph of crew including Charles Hobbs and Al Tegnasian in front of Wild Wolf nose.

Newspaper clipping containing Huddleston interview in Alexandria, Egypt. "This DFC medal I got for destroying an ack-ack position at Ploesti, Rumania. At that time my plane got back from Rumania with about 25 holes in it but not a crew member was…

Nine photographs of crew members on leave. Includes photograph of Charles Hobbs, Al Tegnasian, and three unidentified women.

Eight photographs of crew on leave in Cairo, with Sphinx and pyramid in background. Image of Charles Hobbs riding a camel.

Two photographs: One of planes in low-level formation. One of crew members including Charles Hobbs. Currency.

Charles L. Hobbs at Scott Field in Belleville, Illinois, 1941
Charles L. Hobbs' service record details his training, active duty postings, and hospital assignments from 1941 to 1945.
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