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These resources are useful additions to the Charles L. Hobbs letters. 

The Northeast Texas A&M-Commerce Libraries, Northeast Texas Digital Collections, includes information about Wathena Temple, of Watonga, Oklahoma, the bridesmaid of Kathleen Cain Hobbs.

The Army Air Forces Collection offers a digital copy of CAVU (Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited) class book for Hobbs' class, 42-G, at Goodfellow Field, San Angelo, Texas. 

Pete Kuhlhoff's mother was Dessie "Babe" Richardson Kuhlhoff, whose family came from Hennessey. A description of Kuhlhoff, an artist and illustrator, is found at http://www.pulpartists.com/Kuhlhoff.html.

The National Postal Museum provides an exhibition on V-Mail, microfilmed letters used during World War II to reduce the weight and bulk of correspondence. Hobbs's letters include a number of V-Mail letters.

Ball State University has a collection of audio and video oral histories of veterans who served with Charles Hobbs in the 376th Heavy Bombardment Group, which was attached to the United States 15th Air Force and based in North Africa and later in southern Italy. Its targets included the Romanian oil fields in Ploesti.

The National Archive and Records Administration provides newsreel footage of Operation Overlord bombing mission on Ploesti, Romania.

Internet Archives contains a digitized copy of photographer Ivan Dmitri's 1944 book Flight to Everywhere.  Dmitri was embedded with Charles Hobbs's unit in Benghazi, Libya, and his book contains photographs of missions of the 376 Heavy Bombardment Group.