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Brown cover with United States insignia

Typewritten introductory text: "this is the McCoy to prove that I was brought by the stork and not hatched under a hot rock in the Ozarks during the dark of the moon as some of my friends would believe."

Five photographs of Eddie Huddleston with text describing entry into Harlingen (Texas) Aerial Gunnery School

Three photographs of Eddie Huddleston with typewritten text: at Harlingen Aerial Gunnery School "I was a `Buck Sgt' at the end with a pair of Silver Wings on my form 'fitting' O.D.s"

Four photographs of Eddie Huddleston. One photograph of Huddleston in uniform has annotation "My Wings."

Two airplane photographs

Nine photographs of Eddie Huddleston and airplanes at Harlingen Aerial Gunnery School

Typewritten text: In Clovis, New Mexico: "We almost got court-martialed here for tearing up a farmer's water tower out in the sticks while we were on the deck checking our altimeter." Four photographs: two of Huddleston; one of airfield; and one of…

Typewritten text: "I joined a crew as tail gunner in Tucson . . . We trained on fundamental requirements here for a month, getting acquainted with the B-24 Bomber and most of all each other. We made a lot of local transitional flights and one or two…

Typewritten text describing training in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Four photographs of Eddie Huddleston
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