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Typewritten description of return from Italy to the United States. Algerian currency.

Three photographs of Huddleston.

"A Ravin'," poem about combat; revision of "The Raven"

Typewritten description of Mission 52 to Regensburg, Germany. "This winds me up in combat with 335:45 combat hours and I am plenty ready to get back to the States." Currency.

Typewritten text describing Missions 47 and 48: Mantua and Pretoi, Italy. Description of Anzio Beachhead. American Red Cross "Heel and Toe Club" card. Insignia patch.

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Typewritten text describing missions 44-46: Vincenza, Vitterbo, and Anzio beachhead. Photograph of dead German soldier. Metal Nazi insignia. Newspaper clipping: "Many records for `Liberando' Unit."

Typewritten text describing Mission 43 over Sofia, Bulgaria, railroad yards. Photograph of airplanes in formation. Newspaper clipping: "Compton's Bombers Make 50th Raid--Due for Rest." "Col. Keith Compton, commander of the 376th American bomb group…

Typewritten text describing Mission #42 over airplane factory in Augsburg, Germany. Greek currency.

Newspaper clipping date 1944/09/21 describing Huddleston's service medals and service as a gunnery instructor in Charleston South Carolina. Photograph of crew including Charles Hobbs and Al Tegnasian in front of Wild Wolf nose.

Typewritten text describing Missions 35-39 over Rome and Athens.
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